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The team

image of Aaron Greiner

Aaron Greiner

Aaron is an artist, designer, and engineer from Gloucester, Massachusetts. He graduated from Olin College of Engineering where he studied Design Engineering. He's spent the last few years exploring cities, urban design, and livability.

image of Allie Girouard

Allie Girouard

Allie is an aspiring community organizer from Reading, Massachusetts. She is a graduate of Connecticut College where she studied sociology and public policy. Her work with a number of non-profits and political campaigns in Boston and New London has led her to focus on how urban design can be used to promote social justice.

Work with us


Want to help create pop-up community spaces? We're always looking for volunteers to work with us. It's a great way to connect with the local community and learn more about CultureHouse and our mission! If you're interested sign up below (you know you want to).

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Join the team

We are searching for a part-time contract team member/rockstar for our Kendall Square pop-up to staff the space and lead events. Think that might be you? Send Allie your cover leter and resume to to apply.

Job description


We have internship opportunities available for people who are driven and passionate about creating spaces for people. Regretably, we are currently unable to offer paid internships, but they can be done for school credit or are great if you have funding if already in place. Contact Allie at to inquire.