June 1st–July 3rd

86 Main Street, Peabody, MA

Working alongside a star-studded cast of residents, we’ve created a pop-up space that gives the people of Peabody a chance to reconnect and recover from the pandemic. Over our 33 days on the street, we hosted events and collaborated with community members—sharing our goal of creating a more vibrant downtown. Through conversations and observations, we gained invaluable insights and cultivated an amazing community in Peabody. 


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A chair, heater, and light against a green turf backdrop

CultureHouse Kits

Want to bring your next hang in the park to the next level? Borrow a CultureHouse Kit! It’s a bag full of all the gear you wish you had but it never made sense to buy yourself. Sign up to reserve one and it’s all yours to use however you like. Happy placemaking!

For more information and to reserve a kit, head here.


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Boston Public Library Free Wi-Fi Zones

40 Academy Hill Rd, Brighton, MA 02135
690 Washington St, Boston, MA 02124

Following our Somerville Public Library Wi-Fi Pop-Up model, we partnered with the Boston Public Library and MONUM to open up a two new Wi-Fi pop-ups! We developed a scalable and modular pergola design with a custom canopy for shade and installed it at both the Brighton and Codman Square Branch library locations.

The pop-up is open to the public and free to use.


Pallets, umbrellas, and chairs make a outdoor seating area in the courtyard of the Somerville Public Library

Somerville Public Library Free Wi-Fi Pop-Up

79 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA

With no indoor Wi-Fi access due to COVID-19 restrictions at their Central Branch, we partnered with the Somerville Public Library to open up a new kind of pop-up. In the courtyard of the Library, we constructed a heated, covered, and lighted structure with places for 4 parties. Our partners at Mass Mesh set up a free wireless network in the pop-up for people to use with their own device, or one borrowed from the Library.

The pop-up is open to the public and free to use. It is managed by the Somerville Public Library.


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Past projects

Several people posing in front of a photobooth holding signs.


March 6, 2021

Union Square, Somerville, MA

In partnership with Outdoor Afro we created a socially distant, outdoor event that brought over 40 people through a 5 stop urban scavenger hunt throughout Union Square. While navigating COVID, we were able to connect people with their neighbors and local businesses, bring life and vibrancy safety back to the streets, and share many laughs and smiles under masks.


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A table and a few chairs on a snowy sidewalk

Mural Unveiling

February 21, 2021

18 Laurel Street, Cambridge, MA

We joined the Community Art Center for an unveiling of their new mural, providing a hang-out space and opportunity for community engagement.


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People walk by the CultureHouse pop-up at Starlight Square, with seats, trampolines, and a seesaw

Starlight Square

October 24, 2020

84 Bishop Allen Drive, Cambridge, MA

We popped-up at Starlight Square on October 24th, 2020 from 12–4 pm as part of Popportunity, a weekly market of local vendors run by the Central Square BID! We brought our famous outdoor living room to the event—a place where people of all ages can come by to play, hang out, and warm-up. We had trampolines, fresh cider, and our brand new seesee-sawsaw.


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Three people sit inside a parklet with red walls, a canopy on the roof, lights, and hanging plants

Tawakal Outdoor Seating Parklet

September 2020

389 Maverick Street, Boston, MA

As in-person activities abruptly halted due to COVID-19, we turned our expertise to outdoor spaces. Our first project, a collaboration with CommonWealth Kitchen, was an outdoor seating parklet we installed at Tawakal Halal Cafe in East Boston. We developed an adaptable, repeatable, and affordable 8′ x 20′ design, consisting of two large picnic-style tables a safe distance away from each other, a canopy allowing guests to enjoy the space in all weather conditions, lights, and live herbs and spices you can put right on your food. In addition, we created an open-sourced how-to guide for anyone to create their own parklet!


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The former Out of Town News kiosk in Harvard Square at night


December 2019 – July 2020

0 Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

Housed in the former Out of Town News Kiosk in the heart of Harvard Square, CultureHouse Harvard was a pop-up community space that welcomed all and served as an experimental home for trying out new uses of urban public space. Over the course of the eight months we were in the Kiosk, we facilitated inspiring interactions, learned invaluable lessons, and created positive impact. At CultureHouse Harvard, we created a space where unhoused people were treated with dignity, tested out numerous different uses of the Kiosk space, and introduced a human presence to the Square. Read our impact report for CultureHouse Harvard on the project page.


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Living room with chairs and a couch with the CultureCloud logo on top


March 2020 – July 2020


When COVID-19 disrupted in-person gathering, we launched a new virtual pop-up, CultureCloud. Rather than filling a commercial vacancy, we filled some of the vacancies in your schedule where community gatherings used to be. We live-streamed events, supported local organizations, and provided opportunities for people to connect. The website is available as an archive but is no longer updated.

People sit on couches and chairs at the CultureHouse pop-up in Kendall Square


July 2019 – March 2020

500 Kendall Street, Cambridge, MA

Over the course of nine months, CultureHouse Kendall provided space to gather, added vibrancy, and drew people to the Canal District. The pop-up was a radical experiment in creating vibrancy in a place that was lacking it. The response we got from the community was overwhelming, demonstrating the need for more social infrastructure in the area. Read our impact report for CultureHouse Kendall on the project page.


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A fire pit, chairs, and tubes with balls in them for voting under a tent at the Union Square Holiday Stroll

Holiday Stroll

December 14, 2019

Union Square, Somerville, MA

For the second year in a row, we returned to Union Square for the Holiday Stroll! We brought back the fire pit and, despite a little drizzle, everyone had a great time.

Two people play a game at the Allston Village Street Fair

Allston Village Street Fair

September 29, 2019

Farrington Street, Allston, MA

We popped-up at the Allston Village Street Fair with a space to chill, bounce, and have a conversation.

Kids jump on trampolines at the Fluff Festival in Union Square

Fluff Festival

September 21, 2019

Union Square, Somerville, MA

We popped-up at Fluff Festival for a day of bouncing off all the Fluff on our trampolines and relaxing in a chair while you slip into your food coma.

A mother and her kids jump on trampolines at PARK(ing) Day

PARK(ing) Day

September 20, 2019

Ames Street, Cambridge, MA

With support from the Cambridge Arts Council, we made our much-anticipated (by us, at least) return to PARK(ing) Day in Cambridge with trampolines, a place to sit, and more!


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Kids jump on trampolines at a movie night in Technology Square

Movie Nights

August 2019

Cambridge, MA

In collaboration with the Cambridge Arts Council, we popped-up at two evening outdoor movie nights, providing a place to jump, play a game, color, and spend time with family.


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Trampolines at the CultureHouse pop-up at City Hall Plaza in Boston

City Hall Plaza

April 20, 2019

City Hall Plaza, Boston, MA

With the support of the Boston Mayor’s Office of Arts & Culture, CultureHouse brought GIANT corn hole, trampolines, and a living room complete with a pop-up pupper to City Hall Plaza. It was a day of fun in the midst of the busy city where visitors jumped, played, and learned about the importance of human scale in urban design.

People toast marshmallows around a fire pit in Union Square

Union Square Holiday Stroll

December 2018

Union Square, Somerville, MA

CultureHouse brought warmth to the Union Square Neighborhood Association’s Holiday Stroll, putting a fire pit in our living room and smores in our bellies. In the cold depths of winter, its more important than ever to leave your house and spend time with friends, family, and assorted strangers.

A group of kids jump on trampolines in Central Square during PARK(ing) Day

Cambridge PARK(ing) Day

September 21, 2018

Central Square, Cambridge, MA

CultureHouse joined the Cambridge Community Development Department’s PARK(ing) Day celebration, the local expression of a global movement to reclaim parking spaces for people. Our pop-up living room, complete with games, trampolines, and snacks, was just one of many amazing temporary parks created by community members.

View of people watching a movie at the CultureHouse pop-up in Bow Market through a wooden cut-out of the CultureHouse logo

Bow Market

July 2018

Bow Market, Somerville, MA

CultureHouse opened our first indoor community space at Bow Market in Union Square, Somerville. This one-month iteration allowed us to test out our ideas, garner feedback, and reflect on our progress. With swings, games, books, and trampolines, it wasn’t hard to sell the space to kids – but it was just as easy to convince adults that it was time to play! Read our recap of the impacts of the space on Medium.


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CultureHouse pop-up at Jackson Mann Plaza in Allston


April 8, 2018

Jackson Mann Plaza, Allston, MA

Our second pop up, at Jackson Mann Plaza in Allston, enabled community members to interact with each other and learn more about CultureHouse and our girls. We hosted our living-room pop up filled with seating, games and warm beverages for the cool April day. This pop up alerted us to a very important issue: the need for a dog-friendly space at CultureHouse!

A woman looks at a large chalk board that reads "I with I had a place to..." in Lafayette Plaza in Cambridge

Central Square

December 18, 2017

Lafayette Plaza, Cambridge, MA

For our first-ever pop-up, CultureHouse set up an outdoor living room in Lafayette Plaza in Cambridge’s Central Square. Despite the 28˚F weather, visitors loved our living room, our tropical beach-themed photo booth, and our large prompt board – demonstrating the need for more welcoming public spaces and more activation of outdoor spaces in the winter months. Check our recap of the pop-up here.