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The team

Photo of Aaron Greiner

Aaron Greiner

Chief Radness Officer

Aaron is an urban designer based in Somerville, Massachusetts. He graduated from Olin College of Engineering where he studied Sustainable and Social Design Engineering. He is passionate about creating sustainable, livable, and equitable cities. Catch him biking around town on his bright orange fixie.

Photo of Eric Sargent

Eric Sargent

Inspiration Oracle
Program Manager

Eric Sargent is a social entrepreneur and community organizer. He is certified in Permaculture Design and has managed the implementation of over 60 community driven projects in Baltimore and New England. Eric is an advocate for personal development, community-driven solutions, and eating more peaches.

Photo of Anna Commers

Anna Commers

Dream Analyst

Anna is a student at Olin College of Engineering studying Engineering with a Concentration in Design. She is from St. Paul, Minnesota. Anna has worked with multiple nonprofits over the past few years to develop her passion for engineering, art, design, and education.

Photo of Emery Malachowski

Emery Malachowski

Scribbler Extraordinaire

Emery was born and grown in Lowell, MA, and currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA. They graduated from Juniata College with a BA in Literature of Power Dynamics, and are fascinated with the futures of U.S. cities, and the ways in which equitable improvements benefit everyone. They have worked in writing and community development through the education, non-profit, and journalism sectors, as well as through pursuing their own creative writing endeavors.

Photo of Marion Madanguit

Marion Madanguit

Chaos Coordinator

Marion is a sophomore at Olin College of Engineering who is interested in infrastructure, design, storytelling, and the intersections between them. She is fascinated by space (both negative and outer) and hopes to own a movie theater one day.

Photo of Morgan Cole

Morgan Cole


Morgan Cole is currently completing her Bachelor of Sociology with minors in Graphic Design and Political Science at Lesley University. Through her studies, she has found a fundamental connection between both social sciences and the visual world. This has led to her main focus in Social and Behavioral Design.

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NOW HIRING: Fabrication Designer

Are you passionate about public space? Do you enjoy having a job that is impossible to explain to friends? Join the CultureHouse team! We are searching for a full-time Fabrication Designer to design and build creative tactical urbanism projects. To apply, email Aaron at with your resume, a cover letter, and your favorite public space.


Want to help create pop-up community spaces? We’re always looking for volunteers to work with us. It’s a great way to connect with the local community and learn more about CultureHouse and our mission! If you’re interested sign up below (you know you want to).


We have internship opportunities available for people who are driven and passionate about creating spaces for people. Regrettably, we are currently unable to offer paid internships, but they can be done for school credit or are great if you have funding already in place. Contact Aaron at to inquire.