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The CultureHouse Handbook

CultureHouse started with a question…

“What would a pop-up indoor public space look like?” After years of designing, building, and reflecting upon our vast array of pop-up community spaces, we’ve created The CultureHouse Handbook—a look into the tools and strategies that make our projects successful.

Sharing our process

The CultureHouse Handbook: How to Create a Pop-Up Community Space offers tips and methods to make pop-up community spaces that adapt to specific neighborhood context. It is an evolution of the CultureHouse Manual, a document we created detailing how we opened our very first pop-up (read that here). The handbook offers a look into our five-step process: research, community engagement, design/build, operation, and impact report. In each section, we dive into the strategies we use, show examples through our work, and give recommendations for adapting our process.

Five gray rounded triangles in a single horizontal line with a dotted line weaving through them. From left to right, each triangle has a label attached: Research, Community Engagement, Design/Build, Operation, Impact Report

Read, reflect, enjoy!

Whether you are curious about the CultureHouse concept, are looking to partner (or have partnered) with us, or want to apply our lessons to your work, we hope The CultureHouse Handbook will be of use to you. Read it all the way through, skip around, just open to a page for a kick of inspiration, or play a game of urbanism eye spy with our cover!

Looking to read the Handbook offline? You can purchase a physical book (they’re really nice) or a PDF copy from the CultureShop.