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CultureHouse kit chairs

January 2021–January 2022

16 Union Square, Somerville, MA

We’ve had a good run! Our CultureHouse Kits program is now closed.

In 2021, in response to COVID surges and cold weather, we created free to borrow kits to help friends and families gather safely outside. Each kit was a bag full of all the gear you wish you had but it never made sense to buy yourself! View all of our past kits below.

A chair, heater, and light against a green turf backdrop

Winter Kit

Our Winter Kits allowed people to gather safety outdoors with their loved ones, and stay warm and cozy under some blankets and a heater.

What’s inside?

  • Outdoor portable propane heater
  • 4 blankers
  • 4 outdoor chairs
  • Waterproof picnic blanket
  • 2 lanterns
  • 4 face masks
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Duffle bag
Photo of winter kit contents

Picnic Kit

Picnic Kits provided all the items you need to have a poppin’ and pimpin’ picnic!

photo of Picnic Kit

What’s inside?

  • Insulated picnic tote
  • Waterproof ground cloth
  • 4 ground chairs
  • 2 travel pillows
  • Folding side table
  • Charcuterie board
  • Lantern
  • 4 lemonade packets
  • Playing cards
  • Duffle bag

Game Kit

Game Kits provided several play tools and activities for a fun filled outdoor field day.

photo of game kit

What’s inside?

  • Spikeball game set
  • 4 Goodminton paddles and birdies
  • Giant checkers set
  • Kubb game set
  • Dodgeball
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Waterproof picnic blanket
  • 4 outdoor chairs
  • Duffle bag

Host a kit

Would you like to host a CultureHouse Kit for your community? Email us at and we can work to get something set up.


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