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A well organized tool wall consisting of power tools, screws, and scrap wood.

Creating vibrant space is a part of every CultureHouse project. During our Fabrication projects, we experiment with building new kinds of public space through environmental and product design. We work internally within our Test Kitchen program to make our ideas come to life and work with partner organizations to create custom interventions. Read about the things we’ve built below.

Little by Little

August 2023

Roxbury and East Boston Branches of the Boston Public Library

In response to MONUM’s Public Space Invitational, the Little by Little project sparked curiosity about permeability, water, plants, and soil in our urban environment and put a magnifying glass on the magical processes happening beneath our feet. We built and installed a series of planter boxes that depicted the natural process involved in green infrastructure and showed why it is important for sustainable water management.


The Counter @ The Loop

November 22, 2022

171 Tremont St, Melrose, MA

The Loop is a collaboration between The Toyary, The Ride Cafe, and Lend and Mend. Collaboratively, we designed a bar to serve as a point of sale, a space to work, and a storage area for all three businesses.


Kids playing on seesaws.


Summer 2022

Jumping off a first iteration design, we built the second edition of the CultureHouse SeeSaw. Both designs had the capacity for four people to play at the same time. During several event pop-ups, we used the first design, a cow print crossing seesaw. The second iteration has become a part of our engagement toolkit. We bring it to engagement events to introduce an element of play. Who said engagement couldn’t be fun!?

A woman crouches while writing on a chalkboard in a park.

Prompt Board


The Prompt Board is essential to our community engagement toolkit. This custom-designed chalkboard is a freeform and creative tool we use to receive feedback on various projects. We simply write a question on the top and have people answer in their own words. The handles and foldable supports make it easy to transport and move.

A woman sits on a chair with her feet up on a cube stool reading a book. Next to her, a stool is used to store colorful balls and on the other side another is used as a bookcase.

Cube Stools

June 2018

Our multi-functional Cube Stools serve as storage, side tables, engagement tools, and even seats. The stools were designed for CultureHouse’s first pop-up at Bow Market and have been used at almost every pop-up since!