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Kids playing on trampoline at Fluff Fest

September 2021 and 2022

In partnership with Union Square Main Streets, CultureHouse helped transform Union Square into a Fluff-topia for the 2021 and 2022 Fluff Festivals! You can read more about the event here.


The 2022 Fluff Festival was the first one-day, full-scale festival since the pandemic started. To draw people back to Union Square’s fluffiness, we came up with installations and wayfinding elements to draw people into the area. We created a squiggly ground mural, cloud-themed signs, and eight-foot tall Fluff welcome stands. These fun elements brought an extra level of charm to the day and highlighted the new and nostalgic pieces of this famed festival.

a plaza with white and blue painted lines on the ground. Two people sit on a blue swing.
A line of people wait to take photos with a large Fluff Tub
A chalkboard on a brick wall with the prompt "What do you love most about Union Square?" Various responses are written on the chalkboard with chalk.
A blue cloud-shaped sign on a brick wall with the text "Fluff'n Jam"
A blue map of the Fluff Festival


Our 2021 Fluff activation involved ground murals, Fluff tub photo moment, swing, screen-printed Fluff flags, and our signature trampoline! We provided a space within Union Square for people to enjoy their sweet Fluff treats from local restaurants that participated in the event.

Kids playing on trampoline at Fluff Fest
Union Square sign at Fluff fest
Fluff pennant displayed at a storefront
Fluff flag pennant


Union Square main streets logo