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Tawakal Outdoor Seating Parklet

Tawakal outdoor view

September 2020

389 Maverick Street, Boston, MA

As in-person activities abruptly halted due to COVID-19, we turned our expertise to outdoor spaces. Our first project, a collaboration with CommonWealth Kitchen, was an outdoor seating parklet we installed at Tawakal Halal Cafe in East Boston. We developed an adaptable, repeatable, and affordable 8′ x 20′ design, consisting of two large picnic-style tables a safe distance away from each other, a canopy allowing guests to enjoy the space in all weather conditions, lights, and live herbs and spices you can put right on your food. In addition, we created an open-sourced how-to guide for anyone to create their own parklet!

Tawakal Parklet side view
Tawakal upclose view
Tawakal Parklet lower bottom view

Parklet guide


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