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CultureHouse Union Square

The CultureHouse Union Square manager pours a guest a cup of coffee at a wooden bar with warm lighting.

January 10th–June 9th 2024

64 Union Square, Somerville, MA


Monday–Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday–Sunday: 1 pm–8 pm


The Union Square neighborhood has long sought a community center to rebuild social connections. As the neighborhood continues to grow and undergo changes with the onset of new developments, the need for a community center has become even more pressing. Working alongside the Union Square Neighborhood Council, we have transformed a vacant storefront into a community-driven pop-up to test ideas for a future community center. This free-to-enter intergenerational pop-up will be a public space pilot, a living room for the community, a resource center, and an arts, culture, and business incubator.


Mar 09

Tabletop Game Night

CultureHouse Union Square - 64 Union Square
Mar 10

LGBTQ+ Improv Comedy Community Meetup

CultureHouse Union Square - 64 Union Square
Mar 13

Women in Transit

CultureHouse Union Square - 64 Union Square
Mar 16

Saturday Stitch In

CultureHouse Union Square - 64 Union Square
Mar 17

Cozy Watercolors

CultureHouse Union Square - 64 Union Square
Mar 17

Dance and dessert – Coco e Mugunzá

CultureHouse Union Square - 64 Union Square
Mar 21

Thriving As a Woman Business Owner

CultureHouse Union Square - 64 Union Square
Mar 22

Gender Expansive Ballroom Dance

CultureHouse Union Square - 64 Union Square
Mar 24

LGBTQ+ Improv Comedy Community Meetup

CultureHouse Union Square - 64 Union Square
Mar 28

Learn how to make an herbal tincture

CultureHouse Union Square - 64 Union Square
Mar 30

Dancing into Wellness

CultureHouse Union Square - 64 Union Square


Feb 08

Golden Ratio by Steve Iskovitz

CultureHouse Union Square - 64 Union Sq

Get engaged

We are working with the Union Square community to ensure the pop-up meets local needs and that residents are active participants in determining the future of their neighborhood. There will be several opportunities to engage with the project throughout this process.


We are looking for artists, creatives, non-profit organizations, and businesses in and around Union Square to bring the pop-up to life through events between January – June 2024! All partners will be compensated for their event. Find more information about programming and how to apply at the link below.

Community meeting

On November 30th, 2023, we hosted a hybrid community meeting on Zoom and at CultureHouse HQ. This meeting was attended by people who live, work, and frequently visit Union Square. We shared updates about the project and engaged in a design activity to learn about everyone’s ideal day at the pop-up! Check out the link below to see what was discussed and hear the amazing ideas we heard from the community.

Advisory group

Over the next few months, we will work closely with a team of local artists, residents, institutions, and businesses to give us feedback on the project and steer its direction.

Carven Boursiquot
Resident, homeowner, artist/creative, Carven Creative Media

Jennifer Park
Resident, homeowner

Lotus Martinez
Resident, renter, artist/creative

W Gavin Robb
Architect, Educator, Activist

Emma Lee
Resident, renter

Joshua Williams
Three-year resident of Somerville

Suhail Purkar
Resident, renter

Union Square Main Streets
Jessica Eshleman, Executive Director
Michael Robles, Small Business Liaison
Kait Stinchcomb, ARPA Managing Director

Gonzalo Puigbo
CEO Somerville Community Corporation

Monia Fernandez
Business owner, MOTA Fitness, Wellness & Spaces

Tammi Chen
Resident, renter

Union Square Neighborhood Council
Ann Camara
Isabella Drago
Michèle Hansen

What’s happening?

Where we’re at

The pop-up doors are open! From January to June, we will be welcoming the Union Square community into the space and engaging with them through various events. At the same time, we will be studying who is visiting the pop-up, how visitors are using the space, and what they liked about their experience. This will help us inform the recommendations for a long-term community center. 


CultureHouse Union Square will be free-to-enter because of support from people like you. Help support our work by giving a tax-deductible donation.


Want to get involved in the project? Email us at

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