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The CultureHouse Handbook


A PDF download of the Handbook is available here.


The CultureHouse Handbook: How to Create a Pop-Up Community Space is a breakdown of the five-step process we take when opening up a community pop-up space: research, community engagement, design/build, operation, and impact report. In each section, we dive into the strategies we use, show examples through our work, and give recommendations for adapting our process.

Whether you are curious about the CultureHouse concept, are looking to partner (or have partnered) with us, or want to apply our lessons to your work, we hope The CultureHouse Handbook will be of use to you. Read it all the way through, skip around, or just open to a page for a kick of inspiration! Either way, we could not be more proud to share this work with you.

Dimensions 8.5 × 8.5 in